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The Challenge

Today’s businesses are experiencing recruiting and hiring challenges like never before.  Shrinking budgets combined with skill set gaps and generational retirement concerns underscore the need for businesses to find high quality employees, capable of producing high quality work at higher volumes than ever before.

Introducing StaffAcq360™

Lockheed Martin, the leading provider of human resources (HR) services to the federal government, is bringing decades of federal experience to address these private-sector challenges through StaffAcq360 – a cost-effective, efficient, adaptable recruiting and hiring solution that will assist businesses in attracting, assessing and hiring the right staff.

A Fully Integrated Recruiting and Hiring Solution

StaffAcq360 is a highly configurable and robust software-as-a-service solution built on a Lockheed Martin cloud platform. The end-to-end system increases HR services’ efficiency and effectiveness by helping businesses cut their annual recruitment and hiring costs. StaffAcq360:

  • Facilitates the attraction and hiring of highly qualified candidates that better match open positions, thus reducing employee turnover.
  • Assists in reducing the number of applicants required to be evaluated per hire due to better qualified candidates, reducing recruitment costs.
  • Provides a positive applicant experience by keeping top quality candidates engaged.
  • Enhances ongoing involvement of the hiring manager through full transparency of the hiring process, speeding up the evaluation and selection process.

A Smart Return on Investment

StaffAcq360 offers businesses the opportunity to realize material cost savings by helping to reduce the number of applicants assessed per new hire and the expense of employee attrition.